Bald Eagle Lake, MN

Bald Eagle Sign

The Lotus Lake alum application was suspended today for high winds which can create unsafe working conditions and can cause the floc to drift before it reaches the lakebed.  The forecast calls for lower wind speeds tomorrow and HAB plans to resume the application in the morning.

In addition to the updates on progress at Lotus Lake, we would like to highlight another alum project at Bald Eagle Lake that may be of interest the followers of the Lotus Lake website.  Bald Eagle Lake is 1071 acres in size and is located near the town of White Bear Lake, MN.  The Rice Creek Watershed District partnered with Wenck Engineering to complete a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study and determined Bald Eagle Lake was impaired/threatened by an excess of phosphorus.  The watershed district contracted with HAB Aquatic Solutions to conduct two liquid alum applications.  In April 2014, half of the required dose was applied (248,000 gallons) in 8 days.  The remaining dose (248,000 gallons) was applied in April, 2016.

Prior to HAB’s aluminum sulfate application, the 30-year water clarity summer average was 3.9 feet at Bald Eagle Lake.  Post alum lake application, water quality has been averaging 7.5 feet.  The current quality of Bald Eagle Lake is the best it has been in the 30-year sampling record and is now greatly exceeding the project goals for total phosphorus, chlorophyll (a measure of the amount of algae in the lake) and water clarity (Secchi disk depth).  The graphs below show the changes in total phosphorus, chlorophyll and water clarity and how the current conditions related to the project goals.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Bald Eagle Lake project!

BE TP CHLA 2017BE SD 2017



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